Friday, January 18, 2008

Money...oh blessed/blasted money...

It's confusing/unfortunate/altogether expected how fast money goes to all sorts of things and exits the safe confines of ones bank account. Being in grad school, of course, expedites this process even more quickly. I think I shall try to actually invent one of those money trees. It would be highly beneficial for the entire world. We did forget about the tax return we'll get based on Ellerie's birth last year, so we await that grand total.

It's amusing how much panic a small amount of snow will instill in the good people of the South. Granted, they have less equipment to deal with such travesties, but would snow feet in Utah and no body even considered the fact that cancelling school would be nice. Even with the right snow plows and salt and such, I'm sure driving in two feet of snow is much more dangerous than driving in an inch or two of unplowed snow here in Georgia. Our apartment only had a bit of flurries and some "snow" that stuck for all of five seconds before melting into the deep, brown oblivion that is Georgia dirt. Rest in peace.

Sadly, I find that I want a lot of furniture. Not expensive furniture, but rather, just various pieces that all add up. TV armoire (because we were stupid and didn't think to get something with closable glass doors), living room chairs or a loveseat, sleigh bed frame, and cedar chest or coffee table with storage for the plethora of blankets/quilts lying around. See what I have to work with? If the tax return is big enough, I'll try to find great deals and get like one or two of those...maybe.

Well, I believe I shall end the rant of the day for now. We're getting Chinese food tonight for we have both long craved it. Hopefully we won't suffer from food poisoning.

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Andrea said...

Hi, a friend told me about you go there an put in your area and join a group. People put stuff up that they don't want and it has to be free. You can post stuff you don't want too. Maybe you could join your area and find some of the stuff you want. Oh, by the way, I have a friend with a tv armior (sp?) and her 2yr old can open it.