Saturday, January 12, 2008

Why a conundrum, you ask?

Our life can get crazy sometimes. Really. There are times when things are simply puzzling...or some new problem/dilemma comes up, proving that I still need more hours in the day. But alas, I am still relegated to 24 hours per day. An unfortunate oversight for whoever figured out the "day" and "night" thing :) I find that I miss all the pointless typing that used to take up a lot of my free time. Although I don't have much free time anymore, per se, I've decided to add one more thing to my daily to do list. It'll be great.

After a fun-filled holiday season, with a total of three longish trips from Thanksgiving through New Years, Ellerie and I are looking forwrd to yet more trips in the next few months. In a few weeks we'll visit my dad's family down in Florida and then in March, we'll head to Utah for my youngest sister's wedding. School keeps Matt from going either place, but I am pretty sure he enjoys the lack of hectic/frantic/annoying planning. Plus, he has this silly habit of getting junk food while I'm not here to monitor that kind of thing...we'll see how he does.

My rant for the day...we have unbelievably loud and inconsiderate floor-above-us neighbors. Okay, I'm probably making it sound worse than it is, but they really are annoying. They keep the most interesting hours, coming in and doing drills (or what sounds like it) at 2 AM, banging around the floor as if they're digging for buried treasure or something. Also, I'm pretty sure I would love them forever if they'd superglue their kids' feet to the floor. It's not fun having Ellerie finally fade away to Sand Land, only to have their last attempt to see who can stomp the loudest wake her up...without fail. Enough about them...I'm sure they'll come up again.

Does it matter to anyone that I still haven't been set apart for one of my callings? Yeah, I have two, and one of them is in the stake. Quick reminder to self: Pray and ask Heavenly Father for more than 24 hours in a day. Back to reality. I suppose I like to stay busy. I like accomplishing tasks, projects, etc. It makes me feel needed and who doesn't like to feel needed, right? Well, I think I shall go find a new blog template...

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Andrea said...

You could do some white noise in Elleries room, like run a fan or a humidifier to keep the outside noise down. I like your blog!