Thursday, February 7, 2008


I've always thought of myself as a perfectionist. I'm always trying to improve something in the house that I previously thought was just right. Maybe I just get bored too quickly. I've been in the middle of recofiguring our den/family room furniture layout, but I can only do so much with my underutilized muscles. I used to be strong....anyways, trying to figure out where to replace all the pictures on the wall, including four new ones, makes me realize that I'm not perfect. Silly, you say? Perhaps. I think of it this way: Someone who's perfect would be able to completely take care of all the projects I have going right now. They would be able to know exactly the right solutions and just do them without procrastination. It's like a Catch 22...I have to have the projects, yet I just always am slightly behind on them. Oh well. It all keeps life interesting.

Ellerie and I had a wonderful break from reality in the form of a vacation to Bradenton, FL. We got to visit and stay with my grandma, who met her first great-grandchild. My aunt and uncle and two cousins also live there, so it was a fun-filled week of firsts and many activities. I'll post a few pictures of the week later. Ellerie did great on the plane rides. So much so that most of the passengers looked at her in surprise as if they didn't even know a baby that young was on the plane :) Always a plus for the nervous, first-time traveling parent.

My rant for the day: Finding that great and inexpensive piece of furniture on Craigslist that you want to snap up...emailing the seller that you're interested...them emailing you back saying they JUST sold it. All of this = very annoying!

I have just realized that the Jane Austen books I ordered are sitting outside in my mail box and I am not decently dressed enough to go and get them. I'm not confident enough to go outside in my bathrobe and slippers. If I had my own house, perhaps..but not in an apartment complex where the mailboxes are a good 200 yards from my front door. My sky blue fuzzy robe would stick out more than Santa visiting Hawaii in July. I shall have to wait. Very disappointing, considering these are two books that I actually haven't read yet. Two unfinished novels and one finished one...yes, there are actually Jane Austen books I have yet to delve into. Amazing.

Alas, I shall go. Do not forget me....I'm only a click away (if you have duly bookmarked this site as you should have).

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Coordination Queen said...

Not even fuzzy bunny rabbit slippers would keep me away from my mailbox if it had a good book in it. It just gives the neighbors something to talk about. ;)