Sunday, February 17, 2008

Some much needed sweetness for the world...

Ellerie looking at her first strawberry. We went strawberry picking while visiting family in Florida.

Gracing the world with her signature, "I'm a sexy baby" look, Ellerie thoroughly enjoyed riding in the "car" at the park.

Ellerie also enjoyed her first non-swimming visit to the beach (it was too cold to swim!) She seemed to think the sand toys were each their own.

It really was a nice vacation. I just finished a weekend of rearranging furniture with newly purchased furniture (chair and a half and coffee table), newly painted furniture and a plethora of newly hung pictures. Altogether, it all looks much better, although I have sore muscles in many forgotten areas of the body. It's been a while since I did so much physical labor in the space of just a few days. Probably not since I gave birth...and then again, I had drugs for that, so only my body remembers the work, not my mind.

I'm debating upon whether I have a rant of the day or not...well, I guess I do. But it's short, very short. Why can't all grocery stores carry spray paint? Why? Is it so hard to just take a few shelves along some inconspicuous aisle just to sell some spray paint? I did not enjoy having to traipse all over Athens trying to find the nearest spray paint. Okay, I'm done.

Anything else? I have most of our rooms the way I want them, except for the fact that Ellerie's room is now in shambles. She has clean clothes piles, worn once piles, piles from the Florida trip that still haven't been refolded and, I suppose, for the future :)

**Note to self...give self pat on the back for still not missing a day of scripture reading since starting contest with said husband, Matt. I refuse to read 1st Nephi twice in the same month. **


Rhea said...

Your little girl is adorable!

Coordination Queen said...

mmmm strawberries.