Thursday, March 20, 2008

ajkfalwuoerlaekjbg....So Says the Baby

Ellerie is really starting to babble a lot now. It's pretty cute, and I'd like to think she knows what she's saying. In a perfect world, I would understand everything she says and she'd have no reason to curdle the perfection of silence in my eardrums...alas, this world is far from perfect and I am becoming quite used to the sound of her nocturnal ranting. As it is, she only adds to the patheticness of the situation by standing at the corner of her crib nearest the door and holding out her arms, begging to be saved from a fate worse than death. So far, it hasn't had any impact on my sentiments....just my nerves.

We're going to Columbia for Easter...I'm sad that I won't have my Jello mold to make Jello eggs, which are far better than an endless supply of hard-boiled eggs which, inevitably, will spoil. I have actually always been a sucker for soft-boiled eggs, but have the darndest time getting them to come out just perfect. Give me a bread recipe and I will be victorious, but give me an egg, and surely I will fail.

What else shall I rant about today?, no, no, this is not a rant about how Matt won't stop watching the "Worldwife Leader in Sports,"this is a rant about how I tried to fill out a March Madness bracket on their website and because it woudn't load properly, I was not able to fill one out at all because the GAMES HAVE STARTED! How annoying is that? I signed up with the Yahoo Second Change Tournament, but is terrible if it doesn't work, which annoyingly enough, happens more often than not.

Well, that shall be all for now. The Tut has arisen and so must be nourished with a dose of Chicken Noodle mush format. We're working on the funky chunkiness of real food.


Andrea said...

Oooh! Ryan would be so proud of you for filling out a bracket!!! Or atleast trying! That's funny! I filled one out one year, but it was the women's not the men's. oops. :)

Coordination Queen said...

I love the picture of the flower at the top! They are hilarious when they start talking, but it always amazes me when it starts making sense... and then you have to be the translator.

The Maresh Family said...

Your little girl is so cute !!

Anna said...

Connors! I found your blog though...oh I don't remember who, but I was really excited to find you. I hope that you are liking Georgia alright. Ellerie is so adorable and is getting so big. You can check our blog out at
We miss you guys.

Kelsey said...

I rediscovered your blog! At last.

And, you know, I have one of my own.