Friday, April 25, 2008

Flannel Cutups & Human Hairballs

Okay. So I am still in the process of getting ready for my upcoming craft fair ( on May 10. While it would be nice for lots of people to show up and look at my stuff, that's not the main point of this post. My sewing area permanently resides in a corner of Ellerie's room, but in order to use my free time wisely, aka, the time that I have while she sleeps, I transfered the necessary elements to the kitchen a little while back. Most of my projects don't take up much time, so it's worked out nicely, although the unkept look of the kitchen kind of gives me a tic...

But on to another point. A lot of my products are made with soft flannel, so I have flannel pieces of all kinds of stuff cut up and lying around in piles. It's not like I'm enclosed in a small area, but sometimes I feel like I have this big lint hairball in my throat. And the table gets covered in this fine flannel who-knows-what...why does it have to tormet me so? I am getting pretty sick of looking at fabric. Don't get me wrong - I get no end of satisfaction looking through my finished work, but having an entire box of "to do" projects sitting around is getting old. Ellerie is all over the place now, too, so all of this just provides more for her to get into. Nothing is safe from her grip, no matter how high I seem to place it out of her reach. Granted she can't get on the counter or anything yet, but she can certainly pull herself out of her highchair. Luckily, Mimi is getting us a regular highchair that has a better restraint system...poor girl, she won't know what hit her.

It'll be good for the craft fair, though, having all this inventory. If I can sell even half of my stuff, I can make a pretty penny. I don't know how it's going to go...I can only hope. Another girl from church is sharing the booth with me, so at least I won't languish alone. Nothing worse than feeling like a loser by yourself, right? It's an Indie craft fair, so I hope we aren't, well, normal, to get customers. It's downtown and the day after graduation, so I'm sure there will be many people who just happen to drift by., anyone ever seen Rat Race?

Anyways, let me rack my brain for any other rants that have come up since my last post. Hmm, nothing I can think of. Surprised, are you? Well just wait...more will come. There's always more!


L said... is the correct address

Kelsey said...

Ooh, this sounds so exciting! I'll want to know everything about how it goes. I really like your stuff, and I'm not even into crafty things so that should mean a lot :)

Deidre said...

The chair is darling and I would totally recommend SD...the downtown area and bay are pretty walking friendly but I'll admit it was a little interesting comparing our year w/o a baby then lugging him and all of his stuff around!