Sunday, May 4, 2008

Addendum Regarding Aforementioned Squirrel

Regarding said squirrel...what I have seen definitely brightened my day. Well, maybe brightened is a little strong, but definitely amused me in some small way works, too. The squirrel without a tail (kind of reminds me of the phrase, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named) tried, from what Matt said before I came to the scene, to attack a bird. This bird then turned upon the squirrel and began to chase it. What kind of bird, you say? None other than the most ferocious creature in the Avian kingdom - a robin. Yes, this squirrel without a tail was being chased by a seemingly rabid robin, and the robin was actually one up on the poor rodent.

Imagine begin pelted in an air raid with the sharp pecks of a razor sharp beak, honed to perfection for random situations such as these. The robin was probably blessing the day he thought to start practicing self-defense. The squirrel ran around the grassly knoll a bit and even took cover under the safety of an air conditioning unit. What a shame...what a cowardly squirrel. The whole situation reminded me of the good old sibling rivalry days...without the air raids, of course. All in all, quite the amusement for a lazy Sunday afternoon, wouldn't you say?


T said...
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T said...

From what I've observed in the southeast blue jays and mocking birds appear the more aggressive members of the Avian kingdom. Very cute yard sale finds. My friend Peggie of newlywed days turned me on to yard sale-ing and fortunately I have never recovered!