Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Charms For the Easy Life

Here's the little diva, rocking it in her new chair.

It's fun to see what some cool fabric and just a few minutes can make. And also, what $2.00, a measly two dollars, can buy at a yard sale. She also has discovered the peek-a-boo possibilities of that little heart cut out. It's pretty darn adorable.


Kelsey said...

Oh my! Cute. So, you have blogged A BUNCH. Just a few things to say: I hate squirrels. Cute buys.

T said...

We owe the guys I sew for big time. Think of all the cute things we've made with free fabric!

Andrea said...

Cuuuuutttee!! Again, you are very talented! Julia found her Cinderella book the other day and she calls it her "Princess Ellerie" book! Don't ask why, exept the obvious - that your daughter is a princess, but it's cute!