Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Happenings

Waiting around after eating dinner for the laser show to start...it was great!

Taking a break.

Ellerie talking a walk on a big pile of old molten lava.

Daddy and Ellerie looking out towards Atlanta from the top of Stone Mountain.

This is what happens when you leave potatoes to themselves for too long...kind of weirdly cool and beautiful looking. Don't worry...these were promptly thrown away....they were definitely exhibiting a kind of squishy quality, so there was no question in my mind as to where they needed to go.


Andrea said...

You have such a cute little girl! The laser show sounds cool. Cool rock, cool potatoes - kinda gross, but cool. Who knew their roots are purple?

Semi said...

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Sara said...

Wow- not so sure about the potatoes! But the rest of your pictures look like a lot of fun! PS- Ellerie's party looked like it was a blast, and awesome work on the cake!