Friday, May 16, 2008

My Bumper Stickers

These would be my bumper stickers if I could convince the Mistress to let me put them on my car:

1. One God, One Truth, ONE RELIGION!
2. If you want a country run by religion, then move to Iran.
3. The media is out to get you.
4. Your dog is not your child.
5. Parents mess up the world, not the government.
6. the answer to all your problems.
7. You're gorgeous when you smile
8. My wife is better than your wife.
9. If you don't vote, then you can't complain.
10. If I don't ask, then I'll stay stupid.

Feel free to add your bumper stickers.


Raoul said...

1. Hey - you - out of the gene pool!
2. STILL waiting for your government to rescue you, huh?
3. UF - where great things happen.
4. Quit being sheep everyone!!!
5. Think before you vote...just once...please.
6. Life among the humorless is tedious at best.
7. You tailgating me does not make me in a hurry.
8. I survived public school.

Andrea said...

Ha! Ha! Those are funny!