Friday, May 23, 2008

My Latest Doings...of a Crafty Kind

It has been a couple of crazy days for the last few of them...I have been finishing this and that and getting ready for Ellerie's 1st birthday party tomorrow. We will have 15 people in the apartment....hopefully it doesn't rain :) Anyways, this is the cake that I made. Three layers of chocolately goodness. I made the base layer of fondant marbley, to look like the sky. I think it looks pretty good, how bout you guys?
Here's the overall effect.....Nice.

Here is a closeup of a quilted loviedovie that I made for an unnamed person....well, unnamed until they have received the gift. They might read this before they get the gift....:) I used my sewing marker, which erases with water, as guides for the circular quilting pattern. I think it turned out great, hopefully the recipient will like it, too!

Once again, the overall effect :)


Anna said...

The quilt looks amazing! I especially like how you stitched circles over the squares. That looks like it could be difficult or at least very detailed work.

I also love the cake. I liked how you could see the different cakes on the side and the fondant just smoothed it out. It gives the cake a fun shape. Good job.

And Happy Birthday Ellerie

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Ellerie!!
The cake looks great!
Those cirlces are amazing! It looks really good!