Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Rush Is Back....

These are just a few more items of clothing that I bought for Ellerie yesterday on another round of yard saling. These outfits are practically new and all cost either $1, $2 or $3. Not bad. The bathing suit is adorable not to mention will keep her from getting sunburned. We are kind of debating whether we're going to go to Florida with some family for a nice vacation at the end of June/early July. It will all depend on how much time Matt can get off work, although I could go without missing anything important. He really needs a vacation, but so far they have only said he could have the actual day of July 4th off. Shucks. Hopefully we can work out something a little bit better.

Anyways, Ellerie's birthday party is this Saturday, although her birthday isn't until the 28th. She has her one year old doctor's appointment on the 29th, which is when she gets all the horrid shots that they say could give her a fever for up to a week. Yuck, right? She's so tiny, I'm wondering if I can ask them to give her half doses or something....they'll probably think I'm crazy. I'll have to google all that stuff up to see the foundations of the argument.

I had my typical 3rd Sunday round of Stake meetings today and considering how out of it I have felt today, it just seemed like they dragged on and on...forever. I was having a hard time staying awake during sacrament meeting. Matt had gone to change Ellerie's diaper and wasn't back yet....turns out he had gotten her to fall asleep. Anyways, there were no distractions for me to deal with and so I kept nodding off here and there...luckily, at least today, there was a rather chatty 3 or 4 month old baby sitting directly behind our pew, so her rantings kept me coming back over and over Any other day I think it would have been slightly annoying, but today it was slightly welcome. The meetings were about planning the Youth Conference, which I really want to go to, but I think that it's going to depend on how Ellerie is doing at that point. Matt will be working and I can't take her along. She'd be miserable....and she's such a mommy's girl that a babysitter for that long is kind of out of the question. It'll be something to figure out closer to the date...ahh, always a dilemma to deal with.

I'm also still waiting to get the first order through my Lovedove Designs blog. Who knows if anyone will be interested in my stuff, but I have had 200 hits, so that's kind of mildly pleasing. If anyone who reads this blog knows people who are interested in baby stuff, or have friends who are, direct them in that direction ( ) and I can see what they think :) Well, I am getting sick of rambling on about nothing in particular, but look for the next update soon. It'll probably be about the party :)

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Andrea said...

Funny you should mention that. I wanted to order a paci holder strap thingy. I'm still tired though and busy, so I'll do it when I feel up to it. Need to go change a poopy diaper.