Saturday, May 3, 2008

Yard Saling Is A Rush (That I Had Sadly Forgotten)

So, first off, the buys of the day are as follows:

  • Two onesies (for Ellerie of course) = $1 each

  • One pair knit pants (for EB) = $2, new
  • One knit dress outfit (for EB) = $2, new
  • One tunic/pants outfit (for EB) = $2.50
  • One sleeper (for EB) = $2, new
  • Bath toy (for EB) = $1

  • Wooden chair with heart cutout (for EB) = $2..seriously!

  • Two kids books (for EB) = $0.50 and $0.25

  • Wooden maze toy (for EB) = $3, new

  • Big basket for craft fair (for ME obviously) = $1
  • Two tops (for me) = $3 each

  • Picnic stuff cookbook (for me) = $0.75
  • Two chunky wooden bead necklaces (for me) = $1 each
I hit four yard sales that I had planned on going to and then two that I saw on the way to the others. I had this whole driving plan mapped on from Google Maps, and luckily I happened upon those two extras :) Not a bad amount to spend for all that, huh? The first one would have been even better had I had a little boy. She had all kinds of baby clothes. All the girl stuff she had was nice because of this story...kind of sad. They were on the their way to pick up a little girl they were going to adopt. Then the mother of the baby changed her mind. Very sad, but the annoying thing is, Target wouldn't exchange all the new stuff she'd gotten for baby boy stuff (cause they eventually adopted a baby boy soon after). Laughing, she said she'd boycotted Target ever since. Silly retailers.

I got to know Athens a little bit better and I will probably be able to find other yard sales easier from here on out. It would have been fun to go with a friend or two, but then again, we would have had to duke it out for the good deals! My favorite things from the EB stuff are probably the maze and the chair. The chair is so cute! I'm going to make a cushion or two for it. All it needs it a good dusting and cleaning and it'll be as good as new. They got it for that same baby girl they never got, some theoretically, it is new. Just been in storage. I did all of this in under two hours, too. Aren't you all impressed?

For a funny note, and I can add a picture later...there's this mysterious squirrel who always scampers across our back porch. He has no tail.

Well, there's an inch of something still attached to his bottom, but that really shouldn't qualify as a tail, right? I wonder how he lost it...lover's quarrel perhaps? Or a fight with a rival gang member? Maybe it was a drive-by shooting, you know, with acorns. Did I mention that we heard gunshots outside about a month ago? Yeah, in August we're moving....


Andrea said...

I agree, yard sales are a rush! I got a lot of boy clothes at one last weekend. In fact I plan on washing them today.

The Connors Master said...

The squirrel is a little creepy. Yard sales are just another way for me to save and lose money. Save on the necessities... lose on the stuff you normally won't buy. I'll always have sports and you'll always have shopping.