Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cure For the Lazies - Blogging

So I don't really feel like doing much of anything today...lol it was like that yesterday, but whatever. We're all entitled to have a few off days here and then, right? As long as I don't let Ellerie fall by the wayside, it's all good. I have been having delightsome times rereading the Anne of Green Gables series, all 8 books, which I haven't read since I was in middle school (I think....) Anyways, I just finished the last book today, Rilla of Ingleside, and I really can't decide which book I like the best. I wish they had done movies with the same actors/actresses all at once, for all 8 books, instead of stopping on pretty much the first three. It's interesting to realize how they collapsed a lot of the books' plots into different paths just to make them more, cinematic, say. Several times, there are two or more characters in the books that are compiled into one character in the movie...oh well. It can't all be perfect :)

We have realized because of Matt's summer job, and the particular constraints that it's going to have, that we won't be able to make the trek to Florida to visit family as much most of my own family will be doing at the end of June/early July. This is very depressing, but I am trying to think of other ways we can spend the 4th of July, since Matt at least gets that day off. We are thinking about going to Charleston. We love visiting Charleston. I could never get sick of visiting that place personally. We'd be able to hit the beach, too, which would be fun since Ellerie thought it a great deal too cold to swim when we went to the beach in FL in January. I believe I might visit my parents in TN in June, too, since my younger sister is staying with them before she moves to VA for her husband's law school to begin. TN is much closer than VA....I could make a weekday trip of it. No one can say no to a visit from EB anyways, right? Just someone dare to contradict me!

It's less than a month until my 25th birthday...me, a 1/4 of a century. That sounds so.....lol not like me. But, alas, I am that old, nothing I can do about it. Soon we can move into our new place. I am going to go measure all the rooms for the exact dimensions tomorrow I think, that way I can get a good idea of where everything is going to go. We have paint chips that we still need to decide on, and then we'll have some quick professionals do their job. We don't think we'd really like to spend all that time painting after all. Why, when someone will pay to have someone else do it? :)

That's all I have to ramble about right now. I suppose I will have more to tell eventually. Till then.


T said...

You and Tut to visit moi? Oui, oui s'il vous plait! Spelling? At any rate please come except the week when we're going to Nashville:)

T said...

We are going from June 12-15.

Kelsey said...

"A quarter of a century" . . . when you say it that way, you ARE old. Ha.

Well, I'm depressed about you guys not coming to Florida but I suppose I'll get over it. Somehow.