Friday, June 27, 2008

Further Pictorial Evidence

Just to show you that herein the Connors' family resides one of the cutest girls in the world. And of course, we're just a little biased :)

Ellerie continues to expand her horizons and her grasp of independence. She's into everything! It's nice though, to know that she's also understanding more of what I say to her. She recognizes pretty much all of the phrases/words that pertain to her daily existence. Certainly makes it easy on me :)

I'm currently in the middle of some creative projects that have to do with our impending move. Below is a picture of the finished drapes that are going into our kitchen. They'll go really nice with the muted golden color we're going to paint the walls. The light is pretty bad, but you get the idea.

The rod is just sitting precariously on top of the metal that holds the blinds in place. I've already had it fall once when I was just picking at the fabric. Hopefully it won't happen again. We are really excited that we get to paint. We're buying it tomorrow and going over to tape off as much as we can. Just a month until we're able to officially move. How exciting!

Well, anything else? We're going to Charleston, SC for the 4th of July holiday. We get there on Thursday evening and we'll leave Saturday around lunch. Then we'll head up to Columbia to see Matt's parents for the rest of the day and stay over until Sunday night. It'll be nice to visit them again. We're going to some big 4th of July celebration, as well as finally (seriously) getting to eat some decent seafood. For Miss Ellerie's benefit, we're going to a children's museum that has lots of fun exhibits for kids to enjoy. For us all we're going to the beach, too, although Ellerie has already been once. But it was January. Clearly not optimal beach weather, although I did make sure her foot got the obligatory first touch to the water. It'll be a great break from reality and landlocked Athens.

Well, I need to go tend to some bread. Four loaves to be exact. All for Enrichment tomorrow (a food storage theme) so, alas, I cannot partake. How sad.


T said...

Your curtains turned out nicely and your new blog background looks really good.

L said...

she is really cute and that is also a good picture of matt