Monday, July 7, 2008

City of Charleston

Hanging out in the Battery.

A pretty wrought iron fence.

Ellerie taking a break...she was tired.

Ellerie chillin' while waiting for fireworks at Patriots Point.

Mommy showing Ellerie the ropes of "sand play."

One of Ellerie's typical reactions to us trying to feed her at the beach.
We had a fun time while on vacation in Charleston. Ellerie still really does do better while at home, so there were some late nights and missed naps, but overall, it was fun to get away from Athens for a bit. We didn't make it to the Children's Museum, but we sure got some good exercise walking towards it like we were going to go to it. Ellerie ended up being too tired since we'd all gotten up too late that morning. She still didn't fall sleep until 1:30, but she enjoyed the fountain a lot more than anything else, so we're glad she had a good time in the end.
We were able to visit family in Columbia, and got a nice surprise when my family showed up on their way back from Florida. So we went to church with both sets of parents and my brothers. That was fun :) This week, the power is on at our new apartment and I am going to start really taping and painting in earnest. I want to get things going! July 26th need only be a moving-the-big-stuff day, and I want to get as much stuff over there as possible before then. That means we have to have a painted apartment! Wish me luck.
Well, that's all I have for now, but stay tuned...I am putting up two videos in the next post!

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Andrea said...

That's cool that your fam stopped by! Good luck painting, besure and take pics. before & after? Good luck with the move, we're excited to see ya next week!