Thursday, July 10, 2008

Painting Is Such Sweet Splendor...Except When Using A Mask

So I took the advice of others and decided to continue my painting journey with a face mask. I had thought of it, but didn't actually buy one until today. Luckily, Ellerie thought it was funny and not scary, as I had previously feared. It made my face all hot, but anything for the unborn child, right? :) I am really tired after painting straight from about 1:30 until 5 PM, but my Valspar Golden Chime kitchen sure looks great!

I got all but a really high area over the porch doors done. I can reach the edge of the ceiling on a stool and my tiptoes, but I just didn't feel like it. Matt can finish that part for me on Saturday while I sit outside and lounge during the yard sale. We have some helpers coming, too, so three people working for several hours should be able to accomplish a lot :) The nice golden hue is going all downstairs and up the stairs and in the hall upstairs. It's a nice warm color and it makes me happy.

We now have the power, and as of tomorrow the water, turned on at the new place. Once we get all the rooms painted, I'm going to start making huge transfer trips. It will be lovely not having to actually pack the breakable stuff. I.e. picture frames and the entire kitchen....i.e.2 - NOT fun to pack. I guess that means I could technically start taking kitchen stuff over now :) Yippee!

Other random happenings since the last post...besides the fact that I'm pregnant. It's funny how long it takes some people to figure it out just from the previous post. But I think all the family knows now, so that's the important part. I feel okay for now. Just enough "off" to notice sometimes, but nothing major yet. I'm just more tired, but I was feeling more tired before I knew I was pregnant. I'll definitely need to start napping while Ellerie does. Matt really wants a boy, while I wouldn't care if I had another girl simply to be able to reuse all of Ellerie's stuff again! We'll have more money for new boy stuff when we're in the "real" world. We'll see. One of us will get our way. That's the beauty of the situation. There are only two possible outcomes.

I think.....right? I hope I didn't miss anything during that part of the pregnancy discussion. Boy, girl, something else? Geez, wouldn't that be great....birth a bear.


Deidre said...

I didn't know you were expecting! Details? Like how far along?

Tori said...

Congratulations! Ellerie is so cute, by the way. She was still an infant the last time I saw her. Good luck with the painting! It sounds like it could be potentially really awful with pregnancy nausea. We're painting just one room this weekend and our whole apartment smells.