Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Real Conundrum

To all my readers....

Beware your rotary cutters! They cut sharp and deep....and they hurt. Bad. I was simply trying to cut fabric to make a lovely quilt for an upcoming baby shower and somehow, even with a plastic ruler barrier, I cut myself. Still not sure how it happened. I was barely started and now I have a hugely wrapped finger that will never get that little crater of skin back. How delightful.

And can I tell you how hard it is to type without a decent left index finger?


Southern Belle said...

I feel for you! I did that with my mom's. Her ruler was nicked and the rotary went up onto the ruler. Big pain! Sorry.

T said...

Ouch, I've done the same thing with an x-acto knife and other sharp implements through the years. It really hurts too. So sorry.