Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Latest Lollygaggings...

So I have been lazy lately, to a decidedly unhealthy level, but what can I say? After dealing with all of the moving process and being just so darn tired all the time, I have absolutely no motivation to get anything done. I did, however, just set up my first doctor's appointment. I forgot to mention that I was pregnant at first and she had me scheduled for a September 10 appointment. I was thinking in the back of my mind, geez, can my impatient self really wait that long to see the doctor for the first time? Then I told her I was pregnant, when she said my appointment was for my yearly exam....luckily, that changes things and now I'm scheduled for August 21. Much better. Still puts me at 11 weeks, which will be the latest I have ever gone. Shouldn't be a problem getting an early ultrasound at that point, right? I would like to know exactly when I'm due, since I don't really have any clue right now.

So I don't have pictures of our place to put up yet. Like I said, ambition to do nothing doesn't serve one's creative purposes very well, now does it? All that matters to me is sleeping right now.....oh, and making sure Ellerie is still alive. Don't get me wrong...I still play with her and feed her,'s just more than exhausting sometimes :) She's easier to deal with now, since she can get around completely on her own now. It's nice, although kind of scary, since she can get into almost anything, too. But she's seriously a delightful and precocious child. Can't help but be proud of that!

I am really in the mood to go swimming right now....although I think all of the public pools are closed weekly at this point and just open on the weekends. Just to glide in the cool relief of water would be great. Ellerie still hasn't been into a pool, just the beach water. I think she'd like it, after getting over the initial temperature shock. Anyways, I am getting a little weary of typing and apparently Ellerie feels the need to whine right now about something.....time to figure out what. I'll try to get more pictures up soon.

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