Sunday, August 31, 2008

Woe Is Me

It's no fun being sick. And let's reiterate, it's definitely no fun being sick and pregnant. I mean, I don't usually take anything, medication wise, while sick, but now the fact that I can't is kind of like a slap in the I'm not sure if I got sick from my mom (who visited last weekend..don't worry mom, no hard feelings) or from the apparent bug that has been circulating and conquering those from church. Either way, I feel extra lousy today, hence Ellerie and I being absent from church. I figured it wouldn't be fair to pass on our drippy noses, coughs, and my one watering eye to anyone else. Yeah, I only ever have one eye that waters at a time. Weird, huh? Eventually, it'll get better and then the other eye will start up. No, people, I am not crying or upset...I'm just sick (I'm having flashbacks to college....)

I'm 12 weeks along today, the three month mark. Maybe if I wasn't sick it would elate me more. It just kind of exaserbates the situation now. My inlaws are visiting today and tomorrow and I have spent the last two hours figuring out and beginning to prepare something to eat for dinner tonight. Not easy when you have limited meat supplies in the house and it's a Sunday, so you can't just go buy something you need. I did figure something, there's always the dessert backup, yummy apple cobbler. If we don't like dinner, we'll just fill up on fruit! That has been extremely sugared down...yum :)

Ellerie had her 15 month checkup on Thursday and she gained almost a whole pound! That is great news for our little shrimp. Although she's still not on the charts for her weight, she slowed down a little in height (30 inches, 25%), so now she's not taller and skinny, she's shorter and skinny. It was a lot more than I thought she'd gained. I was just hoping for half a pound. Those kinds of surprises are great. Matt has been a doll lately and tends more often than not to get up with Ellerie so I can sleep in until the most heavenly hours of 9 or 10. I told him as long as he's willing to do this, he doesn't need to get a part time job. I think he's okay with

Well, I should go. Ellerie is making noises upstairs...way too soon, I should say...and I have sneezed, leading me to procure a tissue for immediate use. I shall come again soon!


Erika said...

I'm so sorry you're sick! I hope you're feeling better soon! There's a bug going around here too. All of a sudden my class is going through tissues like crazy!

T said...

So sorry sweetie but yea for Ellerie's weight gain.