Sunday, September 21, 2008

Better Late Than Never

So it's been a little over a week since I posted anything. I guess it's been a lazy week....and me who gets annoyed when people don't update their blog every few days (sheepish sigh).... Anyways, to start out with, here are a few pictures from our latest conquests.

This is Ellerie's reaction to "Let's brush teethies." She absolutely loves having her teeth (all two of them) brushed, even though she doesn't like the brushing part so much as the thought of it, I guess.
Ellerie demanded a few days ago that her special name blanket be wrapped about her shoulders. It's kind of a heavy blanket, so she toppled straight back the first time I tried it. Then she did better, and wanted to add her ZeZe to the pack, so I tied it all on her with this little elastic string. Coincidentally, she likes to have that tied around her waist, too. Either way, she enjoyed this for about five minutes.

We met up with some old BYU friends at the Mall of Georgia (i.e. huge money-sucking compound, if you're not many cool places) and they had this fountain in one of the outdoor areas. Ellerie delighted herself by touching these moving walls of water and getting slightly drenched.

More delightful times.

I know I'm biased, but geez....don't you want one?

We continued on to a park with said friends and Ellerie enjoyed some swing time with Daddy. Mommy was enjoying idle chatting in the lovely breeze of the day :)
Anyways, that's it for the pictures. Other things lately. I've been feeling the little unborn one move about a bit now, and have for several weeks. I'm 15 weeks today, and the baby is the size of an apple. Yay :) Only 25 weeks I didn't work on anything for my craft fairs last week (remember I said I was being lazy?), but I did have a doctor's appointment, go on a chicken run to the Tyson plant for cheap chicken, have someone over for dinner, go out to eat twice and have friends over on Friday until 12:30 I guess I just wasn't busy in some aspects of my life :)
Ellerie continues to do well in nursery at church, even though she's "under age". She gets to come in by default since mommy has to be there every Sunday anyways. She actually was the only kid to still on her chair for the entire lesson (read, about five minutes). We're still waiting for her third, and any subsequent, teeth to come in. Her gums are practically bulging with the anticipation of the teeth that are clearly RIGHT there to break through, but so far, no progress. She does look like she's gaining some weight, so I guess I have to pick and choose my battles.
Well, I'm going to go enjoy the last couple hours or so of my freedom without the tut before going to bed. It's the little things that make me happy these days.....


Saralyn said...

She's so cute!!! That's crazy that she only has 2 teeth. And I thought Tanner was behind with 8 (3 barely through)! That's cool that you saw the Daniels. I miss BYU people.

Jessi said...

She's getting so big! That's got to be the best part, having her big enough to have fun and laugh and know what she wants. Julie's little Caylee is getting so big! Every time Julie posts it's exciting to see how much Caylee has changed! And Ellerie looks like she really knows how to have a good time!

Grandma and Pop said...

Ellerie is such a little darlin'. Love all the pics.

Andrea said...

Ellerie is looking more and more like you! She's so cute! Love the pics.
Yes, time without children makes me happy too, and is a must before bed time. :)

Kelsey said...

I hope it's a boy! I hope it's a boy!