Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Enter Cooler Weather...At Least Today

So it rained copiously today. And I mean a LOT. Enough to accumulate several inches around our neighbor's door, and for a few minutes, our own. Either way, Ellerie loves the rain and got to play around a bit in it. She was delighted! And, I am happy to say, her last winter coat, the one that is supposed to fit some gargantuan six month old, finally fits her, and it's still a bit on the large side. But she'll stand to wear it now and it is just the cutest thing! She likes to scratch her fingernails against the outside, apparently because she likes the noise it makes. It wasn't really cold enough to wear it, although she wasn't going to sweat to death, but it was just raining so hard for so long that I made her wear it to church tonight because she'd been wet enough today.

We also made a trip to Walmart and had to stall inside to try and escape the rain. This was to no avail. By the time we reached the outer sliding doors, it was raining harder than it has in a month or two...and we had to run it to the car (NOT parked that close) in mommy's flip flops and with no cart to stabilize us. Needless to say, Ellerie loved it, I was laughing, but I did have to wipe my dripping face as I sat down in the driver's seat. It was like I had almost just gotten out of the shower. Good thing I didn't bother drying my hair today.

Here's some media enjoyment, including the cute coat and a quick look at Ellerie playing in the rain. Enjoy :)


"L" said...

she is cute beyond reason!!! When did she get that belly? Very cute :)

Grandma and Pop said...

Oh the joys of childhood. It looks like she had a lot of fun.

Kelsey said...

Oh dear, I need to buy tickets for Christmas!