Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Stole Some Pictures...

We were in Columbia a few weeks ago to be with Matt's family when his older sister got sealed. I just stole some pics my in-laws took of Ellerie over that weekend that I think are pretty cute.

Ellerie still has this thing with getting dizzy....she loves it! This is after Zach, our nephew, spun her around...a lot.

This is when she couldn't take it anymore and decided the vertigo was too bad.

Not sure what the faces are about, but Ellerie's is classic!

Mackenzie, our niece, showing Ellerie some flowers on the grounds of the Columbia, SC temple.

Ellerie playing in the backyard with Grandma (and the ball).
She's still pretty cute, huh? Well, I have had a day full of sewing. I started and completed the nine appliqued onesies for my craft fairs. We'll see how many I can sell. I have three weeks between my first and second shows, so that will give me enough time to revamp my inventory if needed. I also got my brown kraft paper merchandise bags in the mail today. They look so cute and official with my business stickers on them. They are a cool size, 16" wide x 6" gussett x 12" deep/tall. Like a wider, shorter bag you'd see from a lot of big retailers. Wish me luck and that I will get rid of them all!


"L" said...

the dress Ellerie is wearing at the temple, did you make that? I LOVE IT! How much are you selling them for?

Jessi said...

I think the dizzy thing is hilarious! And I agree with "I"...the dress at the temple is adorable!

Raoul said...

I've always been into putting captions on pictures. So, what was Ellerie's look about in #3? Well, Zach was saying "No way" (caught at the end of the word NO). Why was he saying that? The clue is in Ellerie's thoughts. She was thinking "This was supposed to be a private party....What's with the camera, dude?"