Monday, October 13, 2008

What A Piece of Work

Well, I can't seem to move the pictures around, so the first one isn't what I'm talking about. The two of them, though, do make a cute picture, right?

I'm talking about this little piece of work, silly girl that we get to live with. She demanded that we put her hat on, and add in the bare legs and fur-lined boots, well, it's just hilarious.

I think this was her trying to make a quick getaway. Sometimes mommy likes to smother her with more kisses than she would normally allow.

I had my 18 week doctor's appointment this morning. Everything seems to be going perfectly normal. The baby's heartbeat was in the 150s, my blood pressure was 104/ and I have lost a pound. That's right, absolutely no extra weight gained yet. It's this darn "food is gross" mentality that I have had on and off the entire pregnancy. Going like this, I'll gain even less than I did with Ellerie. Or it will all come back to bite me in the butt the last month or something. The doctor didn't seem worried about it at all, and I made it clear I wasn't trying to starve myself or anything :) I go back November 10. I do, however, have the BIG ULTRASOUND next Thursday, October 23, for anyone else who wants to put in their guesses. I have a lot of family members who seem to think/or want it to be a boy. I am starting to have a feeling it is a boy, although I don't favor girl or boy more over the other. We'll see what shows up...or doesn't :)


Jessi said...

I love these pictures. I think part of it is that the little kid in each of us can totally identify with them! Who doesn't have a picture where we had our mom and dad (or big siblings) dress us up just so? That's awesome!!

T said...

I love those boots. Nice hat!
Sorry I couldn't talk tonight. Stake employment woes + 4 clients = craziness. Pray for me to catch up.

Brad said...

We are having another little boy due March 1st (well really I think due March 5th but whatever, apparently ultrasounds are more accurate than me) it was all I could do not to say anything when I saw your post of Ellerie months back...Oh this is Deidre.