Thursday, November 13, 2008

Long Time Coming

So I get annoyed when people don't update their blogs and then I take forever to post something myself. Well here are some pictures from our latest doings:

Somehow I got the email about the Gap/BR/Old Navy Friends and Family 30% off weekend, so I went shopping. It was 30% off the entire purchase, including sale items. So this adorable vest that is usually $24.50, was only $8.58. Couldn't have even done better at Walmart.

She is such a priss.

I managed to get Ellerie's first pigtails in yesterday, although it was hard to pin her down for a picture. We also lost two rubberbands, too. I stick them four times around and they still slide off. (sigh)

Ellerie helping me make sugar cookies. She actually just wanted to lick all the measuring utensils...including the small ones that had nasty tasting stuff in them. She apparently enjoyed the taste??

Ellerie in aforementioned Gator dress...she is so cute!

Matt's birthday is tomorrow and we're finally leaving Ellerie with a non-family babysitter for the first time. We'll enjoy dinner and the newest Bond movie, Quantum of Solace (well, Matt will, I will hopefully not be fretting the whole time about Ellerie). Then on Saturday, I have my second craft fair of the season in Winder. Let's hope it goes better than the last one. Well, I can't stay for long today, I need to sew up a few last minute things for the craft fair (Leggie Loos). I'll post about that later, good or bad!


Saralyn said...

Yes, she is adorable. Good luck at your craft fair. I wish I were there to buy something!

Erika said...

That dress is adorable, but even cuter on Ellerie! Best of luck with your craft fair!

Lance and Missy said...

I got one of the coupons too! totally hit up the baby stuff! I wish my baby was a LITTLE bigger, cuz there was such cute stuff for babies ellerie's size. oh well--next time!:) I got this cute jumper for $6 and a skirt for like, $4.50. crazy, huh?

Jessi said...

Perfect timing for a nice warm vest like that! Have fun at your craft fair!!