Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Card Blurbs

To go with the picture (see blog heading) that went out with the following:

Matt’s about to start his last semester for the MPA program at UGA. He’s doing well in his classes and is starting to canvas the market for job opportunities. He hopes to be a project coordinator/director for a non-profit organization in the Southeast. He continues to enjoy making his girls happy and follows football with his normal passion for the sport. He is anxiously awaiting March, at which point the house will not, in his words, be overrun by estrogen. Poor guy. Matt is also the current Elder’s Quorum President at church, a calling that he does great at and one that also keeps him very busy.

Nivette has been making large strides in her business ventures this year. She continues to enjoy sewing all things for babies through her company, Lovedove Designs. She has done four craft fairs to date and hopes to be able to continue this in the future, no matter where the family ends up after graduation in May 2009. She loves being a stay-at-home mama to Ellerie. Nivette is involved in the Nursery, Activity Days and Enrichment Committee at church, so she definitely feels the strain of a busy schedule sometimes, but being busy makes pregnancy go by so much faster. That is always a plus. She wonders what it will be like to have two children two or under, but figures there’s not a lot she can do about it at this point! Update: Nivette’s now just teaching the 5 year olds at church.

Ellerie is a little diva and boy, does she know it! She enjoys exhibiting some of her mama’s OCD-like exactness and loves shutting doors, placing things in piles, and sorting. She could do this for hours. She is an avid walker, sometime imp, constant milk guzzler and all around crazy girl. She enjoys Nursery at church and Park Day during the week, especially the swings and slides. Dogs are also a favorite, especially if they are small. Ellerie is still a tiny little shrimp, coming in below the charts for weight and in the 25% for height. But she’s healthy and we love her!

Bennett has been enjoying a lengthy stay in the Mama Connors womb since around mid-June of this year. He enjoys kicking back, making mama increasingly uncomfortable, and long naps in the dark. His family looks forward to his impending arrival sometime around March 15, 2009. Here’s to hoping for a timely arrival this go around.


ALYN said...

Great Pictures! And very fun, entertaining text. Good Work, Nivette!

Erika said...

I just got the actual card in the mail today. You're amazing, Christmas card out before the 15th!

Sara said...

fun update! Exciting that Matt is almost done! Sounds like you have been staying REALLY busy for being pregnant and having a 1 1/2 year old! Bennett is a really cute name.