Wednesday, December 10, 2008

In which business is personified...

Because it always seems to be around. I love it and hate it at the same time. I find that I thrive on having multiple projects going at the same time, but sometimes I crave immediate vegetation. I have a pretty full half-week to look forward to. I had my doctors appointment this morning, and my last Activity Days night tonight. I think the girls all loved their totes. Tomorrow I need to go grocery shopping, finish sewing up the stockings and I have Enrichment tomorrow night. Friday, I think we have the missionaries over for dinner. I can't remember and they haven't confirmed yet. We'll see :) Saturday, we have the ward Christmas party. My nights are completely booked, and yet it all keeps me sane. Don't get me wrong...I've reached my burst of energy and true nesting phase. All of this in my first trimester would have compelled me to crawl back into bed and ignore the world forever. But I'm pushing on and finding joy in the many feelings of accomplishment. Oh yeah...I have to fulfill an order for two Doodle Noodles sometime before Sunday, too.

It seems like this year has simply flown by. There are only two weeks until Christmas. Wow! That means only 1 1/2 weeks until we get to leave GA and enjoy a week long stay in TN to see my family. We're actually going to have all five kids under the same roof for about two days. Hoping for any more than that would be crazy :) I'm pretty sure my parents are ecstatic about it. Add to that two dogs who have to be kept seperate at all times and a fully operational 18-month-old and you have a crazy time indeed. Fun times, however, will be had, I'm sure. I finished Ellerie's last Christmas present and only need to get something for my brother-in-law and his wife....although they still haven't told us what they want. I need to get on them for that :) It's my year to not be a procrastinator, so I won't have two gifts holding me back!

Ellerie has been exploding with new words lately. Her first two syllable word was "pickle." We have no idea how she picked it up since she doesn't eat them and has only heard us say the word ten times or less, and never directly to her for the purpose of learing. She also has the following down pretty well, or at least makes sounds intelligible enough for us to know what she's talking about:
  • pancake
  • highlighter
  • shoe
  • pants
  • bear
  • bus
  • heat (a heater in her
  • gator (of course)
  • the letter U
  • talk
  • read
  • Santa
  • ball
  • Jesus
  • play
  • cheese
  • eye
  • pea
  • more
  • mine
  • okay
  • oh boy
  • another one
  • bear
  • dog
  • cat
  • squirrel
  • outside
  • rain

Those are all the ones Matt and I could brainstorm just now between the two of us. There might be more. That's good for 18 months, right? I definitely don't think she's behind. I tried to get her to go back to sleep from a shorted nap in her big girl bed, which didn't go that great. Besides playing around and just being a diva, she managed to reach for her toy basket over the rail of the footboard....I realized this when I saw her headfirst, hanging on for dear life, in the toy basket. Luckily it's a toddler bed, not far from the ground and the basket was topped with several pillows. I think she was freaked out more than was pretty funny, though.

Anyways, it's almost midnight. I think I've reached my daily limit, so it's off to bed and the welcome rest of hibernation :)


Jennifer Sharpe said...

Enjoy your burst of energy mine has come and gone. It was nice to get a lot of things done when I had it though. It sounds like Ellerie is doing great with talking. Keira can't say that many words yet. She just says baby, thank-you, here you go, shoe, welcome, and of course no. Maybe a few more, but mostly just rambles. She tries at least. Have you guys thought of any names yet?

Saralyn said...

She can say a lot more than Tanner, and he's only a few months younger. I'll just tell myself it's a girl thing.

Jessi said...

I think it's incredible that you have all of that going on at one time! I'm having a hard time staying on top of one sewing project!