Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Holidays

Ellerie sporting her new Gator Girl onesie. Go Gators!

The finished Christmas tree.

No disasters thus far. We'll see how it goes :)

Ellerie got some much needed slippers....let's keep those tootsies warm (and the socks clean!)

Ellerie playing with cousin Lydia while visiting Grandma and Pop's house in SC.
We had a great time spending most of the Thanksgiving week at Matt's parents in SC. Our cousins from NC and other aunt and uncle were there, too, so Ellerie got to catch up with all of them. We had lots of yummy food and it was nice not to have to really plan meals out or think about it. I actually braved the world on Black Friday and although I didn't come away with any of the really cheap bargain deals, I did find a few things that I had been wanting/needing anyways. Walmart wasn't really the worst place; I reserved that for Kohls, where the lines were probably 100 people long. I put the one thing I wanted back and left. Oh well :)
We got back on Saturday night after driving through thick fog for most of the way. I decorated the tree, with a little help from Matt and Ellerie, last night and think it looks pretty good. Ellerie doesn't seem to want to destroy it quite yet, so hopefully that inclination will last. She has her 18 month doctors visit tomorrow, so here's to hoping for a decent weight gain! Her first official day in nursery was yesterday and she got through all the goldfish during snack time without incident. We're still going to wait on the animal crackers, considering those two teeth are her only defense. Numbers 3 and 4, however, are close behind. 3 has cracked the surface and 4 is practically there!
I'm working on getting Christmas cards out this week since we were able to get our family pictures done last Tuesday. Our neighbor did a great job. At this point I usually only send a hard copy to immediate family, but I will make sure to put up the picture equivalents so all of our blog readers can enjoy them, too. Well, I'm off to print the Christmas cards and probably cut out the pattern pieces for Ellerie's Christmas dress. Talk to everyone soon!


T said...

We missed not having you here for Thanksgiving but are glad you had fun at the Connors and avoided the post-Thanksgiving traffic jam on Sunday. L and A were not so fortunate as their 3 hour trip doubled! I am trying to think of ways to EB-proof the indoor decorations so she can feel free to toddle about without constant supervision!

Andrea said...

I like your christmas tree!! It looks great!
Glad you had a fun Thanksgiving!

Grandma and Pop said...

It was fun having your family here for a few days. Your tree is lovely.