Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Plethora of Pretty Projects

I have been pretty busy lately with lots of little sewing projects. Nothing like a nice nesting phase to keep you on your toes, right? First, however, a few random pictures.

Ellerie taking a nap with Mommy....admire the truly weird look on her face.

Ellerie checking out the music cube toy she got from Nana (great-grandma) for Christmas.

Each dress I make for Ellerie is my new favorite..but this one really is great! It's for Valentine's Day....JoAnn has a nice sale going ;)

Ellerie doing some kind of two-step or something.

Back view of the dress.

I made two of these bibs...I think they'll fit her personality, as it is now, a bit more than Little Miss Sunshine...lol.

A pair of cords for Bennett. Hopefully they'll fit...I didn't really have a pattern.

A "boppy" for Ellerie...she liked the one I made for Bennett so much I figured it would help with any jealousy issues in the future...we'll see.

Bennett's "boppy".

A matching minky loviedovie with piping, sans ribbon this time.

A closeup.
I still have a few projects I am in the middle of. I need to refurbish my old baby blanket that my mom made before I was born....25 years old....yeah, needless to say, it really needs some TLC. I also have a matching blanket that goes with the boppy and lovie for Bennett that I made out of scraps...that needs to be bound. Oh yeah....I am going to attempt to make a highchair cover to go over the current one. No pattern, so we'll see how that goes. Once again, gotta love JoAnn for having a really great sale this week. Literally everything I got was on sale.
Only 62 days left of this pregnancy..well, if I'm lucky. Bennett continues to be most active at night, especially when I'm trying to fall asleep. Of course :) Ellerie is now successfully sleeping in her big girl bed for all naps and every night for bedtime. It was a much easier transition than I expected. She has fallen asleep hanging halfway off her bed a few times, so I move her back...it's pretty cute/pathetic at the same time...lol. Matt has started his last semester at UGA and looks to have a pretty busy time of it. But he'll do great..he's excited and probably a bit worried about finding a job out in the "real" world, but we'll deal more with that when the time comes.
I'm enjoying my calling as Sunbeam teacher at church. I have three adorable girls in my class, all of whom I just barely taught in Nursery, where I was before the Sunbeams. So at least they know who I am. I think that makes the transition a bit easier. It's a pretty easy calling, but I have to make sure I have plenty of different things to do since their attention spans are only good for about 2-4 minutes per activity :)
Well, that's all for now. I need to decide what project to deal with next. Maybe I'll make binding for Bennett's quilt. I should probably take Ellerie to the park...we haven't had park day in two weeks, so I know she's dying to get on that swing!


Sara said...

cute, cute! I love the pants for Bennett! Have you ever checked out my sister-n-law's blog? She is a sewing fanatic and has a little girl and a baby boy too. She does some amazing stuff! It's called "Made by Dana" and there's a link on the side of our blog!

The Connors Master said...

Oh my. Its crazy around here.

Amber said...

So so cute. I have no idea how you get all of that done with a little helper around!
My mom has recovered her high chair a few times. She just took apart the original cover and used that as her pattern, she said that helped a ton. She used that plastic-y tablecloth fabric the last time and it is SO easy to keep clean.

Saralyn said...

Wow. You're amazing. I wish we lived close so that you could teach me everything you know.