Monday, February 23, 2009

Counting Down the Days...

Only 13 days until we go into the hospital to get induced! Yay. Not that I've been uncomfortable or What else is being 9 months pregnant about anyways, other than being uncomfortable and just plain miserable most of the time? Well, I wouldn't say I'm miserable. That's only on a few occasions...usually when I am trying to get comfy and the little beast within starts to play ice hockey with my organs. That is just fabulous :)

I have a nice little mental list of stuff I want to accomplish before 13 days are up. A lot of it is sewing, of course...I did get a lot of that done today, though. I made up 10 mini Cuddle Cubes, although I still have to do all the photography and listing for them to get up and running on Etsy. I have my hospital bag packed with everything that doesn't go in at the last minute. I already took care of some annoying health insurance stuff today, so that's done. Did I mention how much I hate dealing with insurance stuff of any kind? Well, I do....and that's all I'll say about it. Let's see, what else do I need to do?

I think I finally do have enough little boy clothing, at least for the first little bit. That is, unless Bennett decides to grow opposite of Ellerie and gains weight like crazy. I got some great deals at a big consignment sale near Atlanta this past Wednesday and then I was at Target last Friday and found some awesome stuff on clearance, too. It's funny how sometimes you can find new clothing for just as cheap as stuff you buy used. All on your timing and being in the right spot at the right time :) I also filled up Bennett's baby book with scrapbook paper...I probably should put in some of the fill-in stuff and headings, but that might be for another day when I get sick of sewing again (like I did today).

Ellerie took a three hour+ nap about miracles. She is still hanging on to this slightly runny nose and cough. Today it was more cough. I have Sinupret to give her, which is a natural immune booster medicine that practically-two-year olds can actually take...hopefully it'll do some good. I feel like she gets sick every few weeks....or perhaps just doesn't ever really get well. Darn nursery ;) Oh well, I guess it's to be expected, especially with the cooler weather. Hopefully Bennett won't get sick right off the bat. Speaking of Ellerie, and I suppose I'll take a picture of it eventually, I broke down and bought - a toddler leash. I would rather lovingly call it a doggie bookbag that happens to have a tether attached, but who are we kidding? I figured since Ellerie really doesn't comprehend that cars will hurt her, this tether thing can be for when we are out and about without Matt. She isn't too keen on being pulled, but she certainly likes to pull us along. It's really funny. The doggie part really is cute and she likes to carry it around like a stuffed animal, which it is, I guess...just without

Well, enough of me for now. I have been warned to put pictures up, and although I don't have any right now to post, I will try to get some of EB in the next few days...the ones who asked, you know who you patient :)


"L" said...

bwhahahahaha that makes me laugh

Tiffany said...

fun post to read:) I hope all goes well with the delivery and can't wait to see pict's of the baby!!! I LOVE MY CARDS!!!! I want to use them, but then, I don't want to use them b/c I like them so much!!Thanks soo much! You rock!!

Saralyn said...

Wow, I didn't realize you were that close! That's awesome. I'm excited to see pictures of Bennett.

Oh, and don't feel bad about the leash thing. We're totally getting one for Tanner when I have this baby.