Wednesday, February 25, 2009

For Baby Boy Bennett

Remember those baby items I made for a friend? Well these are the finished items (knitted) that she made for me as part of our trade. They are the softest yarn....I think part cashmere and merino? I can't remember. Anyways, aren't they just adorable?? And I wasn't even expecting the socks :)
Button detail on the sweater

Closeup of the beanie and one pair of the socks

The whole cute!!
And SO soft.


Andrea said...

Oh, that is darling! So cute! She is amazing!!

Erika said...

Those are SO adorable! Thanks for the book by the way... it will be featured in an upcoming post if I can get on top of things!

Molly said...

Cute! Was that from Kelly?

Southern Belle said...

LOVE IT!!! You both are so creative!

Stump Home said...

That is really cute Nivette!! I am excited for little Bennett's arrival too. :-)

Lance and Missy said...

so cute!
yes, it came! oh my. I love it and so does she! thank you!!!