Sunday, February 8, 2009

Latest Project

This is the ensemble I made for a friend who is due a few weeks after me. Enjoy the pics!
A nursing cover....I realize now that it's technically reversible...:)

Minky boppy cover

Peepee teepees...confused as to what these are? Think about it....she's having a boy.


Contour burp cloths - the minky side makes it really hard to slide off and the neck cutout makes it fit perfectly on your shoulder.


Andrea said...

Nivette, you are so creative! The peepee tepee's crack me up! I guess a new born won't grab those away. I was just thinking of my Mr. Grabbyhands, luckily he doesn't sprout a leak anymore.

T said...

Nice ensemble! She'll love it.

Grandma and Pop said...

That is a bunch of cute stuff. I like the irish t-shirts too.