Monday, March 2, 2009

Last Minute Craftiness

This is the last week of freedom (more or less, but I guess I'll find out) to sew and be crafty with only one kid jumping around, so I was trying to think of projects I wanted to finish for me that I'd been putting off. Here are the results of today:

A new and much sturdier scripture cover. The fabric is actually sandwiching the thickest Pellon. The Pellon wasn't fusible, so I ended up "quilting" the entire piece diagonally. It looks pretty cool.

The velcro should have come earlier, but since I didn't do it until last, it was a tight fit. I just have to close the scriptures really tightly to make sure the velcro isn't visible once the book is shut. I like how my new cover keeps the page edges covered, unlike my old one.

The front flap stays in this little section...

And the back flap in this coordinating flap that I thought was pretty ingenious :)
Here is the final view looking at the edge where the pages are usually seen. Even Matt thinks I have the coolest scriptures around :)

A little minky and ribbon toy I made to fit over the tray in our baby swing. A nice quiet alternative to the rattle thing that usually resides there.

Does that make more sense now? :)

These are pillow covers I made for our bedroom....finally! I made them so the brown fabric comes over on the four sides maybe 1.5".

A view of the front/top.

I think you'd call these mitered edges? Not bad for my first try using decorator fabric instead of quilt

I still need to slipstitch the other ends closed and then they'll be done.
What's on the menu for tomorrow???


Andrea said...

Wow Nivette! Those all look great! Very cool!

The Connors Master said...

I must admit that the scripture cover is pretty awesome. I'd want her to make me one if I owned a quad.

Jessi said...

LOVE the scripture case! That's awesome! I also totally love the fabric you chose for the pillows... I need to get my crafty bug back inside of me. :0)