Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day

While all of this snow was quite fun during the day on Sunday, little did we know what a headache it was going to cause us. We left church Sunday morning amidst freezing rain/sleety type stuff. By the time we got to our side of town, it was snowing and from the looks of it, had been for a while since it was already accumulating. That was around 12:30-12:45 PM. These pictures are all around 3:45 PM...what a lot of snow for just 3 hours or so...especially in Georgia!

Ellerie wasn't that comfortable walking in the snow on the grass since it was pretty deep for her tiny feet and made her feel unstable, but she sure didn't want to go inside. She insisted we sit outside and watch the snow. So that's what we did. The only noises we heard were random cars having problems driving and tree branches cracking under the weight of the wet snow. We did also get to watch a huge Suburban take a full 5-6 minutes to turn around at the end of our driveway and go back home....the snow was that troublesome.

Eventually it started to get dark and we lit some candles because inevitably, our power had gone out. It flickered at least 10 times for a few hours and then around 5:30, finally went out. We ended up having both neighbors and some other friends from church over since we had a fire going and we had a good time "toughing it out." Around 9 PM they left, and we played some card games to pass the time. I figured since I'd just made a huge Walmart trip last Saturday, there was no way I was giving my freezer/fridge full of food a chance to spoil. So we gathered some trashcans, bins, etc. and piled everything into them and set them outside in the freezing cold. We thought it was a pretty good idea....we were right! Once Matt woke up (and the power did eventually come on again around 1:30 AM) he went outside to check everything out and found that everything was just fine...i.e. really cold :) So everything was packed back into its place by the time I came down with Ellerie. What a nice husband :)

Today, it's been in the 40's and totally sunny, so there's ice dripping and falling off all the trees and just lots of water piling up. Hopefully nothing will freeze over again tonight - that will make for some interesting travel conditions tomorrow. Luckily, UGA was cancelled for today and Matt doesn't have Tuesday classes anyways, so we don't have to worry about going out for anything. It's been nice to have a small taste of what we're "missing out" on in Utah, but we're glad that it's just a few days long kind of thing...people in Georgia just don't know how to handle driving in the snow!


"L" said...

Ellerie is really adorable in these photos. I think the shot of the two of you is also great!

T said...

Yes "L" is right; EB looks precious. That was some storm!