Sunday, April 12, 2009

That Ole Crafty Conquest...

I reorganized our downstairs bookshelf because we got a new one for our bedroom. The downstairs bookshelf, while helping the den area to look less cluttered, now holds nothing adult-related. It's full of kid stuff!! So I got some $1 plastic crates to separate some of the smaller stuff. Five in all....they aren't the prettiest thing. So I found a tutorial on how to make little slipcovers. It gives you the formulas to customize it to any size crate. Here's the before picture:

Here are the after pictures:

Pretty cute, huh? I still need to do some decluttering of that bookshelf, but it's almost right.

I'm thinking of starting up a new blog that highlights things I find or am given (i.e. tutorials, recipes, etc.) that I just think are I need another blog :)


Christine said...

good idea, baskets can be so costly this is a great idea!

Andrea said...

Wow, those look great. How nice to have kids things organized. I swear it just creeps up on ya when you're not looking!

T said...

Yea! Less clutter is always welcome. Very clever.

Andrea said...

In response to Matt's comment on my blog about dinner time battles:

We put Julia in time out for not eating her dinner too. But I'm noticing that if I give her snacks after 3pm, she's less likely to eat her dinner. (I know 3 hours before dinner, but she must fill up or something.) So I'm trying not to give her any snacks after 3, definitly not after 4. And that means I listen to whining and complaining, but she'll be hungry enough to eat her dinner.

I also like my friends idea of either she eats dinner or a pb&j sandwich or something else more boring. But I have a feeling I'd make the sandwich and she wouldn't eat that either.

Lately breakfast cereal has been a problem too. Maybe I just need to give her toast and she can have cereal later. Maybe she doesn't have much of an appetite in the morning - like her Daddy.