Monday, May 4, 2009

Some words to go with the pictures...

So here's the real update, besides all of the pictures and videos I have previously posted today. The biggest news I guess is the fact that we're going to be moving in with my parents as of May 14. This is due to unforseen economic necessity; we are, however, hoping to really enjoy the time spent with my side of the family. My dad recently retired and is home all day, so he'll really be able to get in some quality time with Beast 1 and 2 :) We'll have plenty of space for our stuff to stay packed up in the unfinished basement, so that's not a problem. Matt still hasn't found a job, part of the reason we're moving, but he'll get some kind of job up in Tennessee and then continue looking for that "real" job. If anyone knows of jobs having to do with non-profit organization, let us know!

We knew we'd be moving away from Athens eventually, but under these circumstances, and with such short notice, it makes it all a little more depressing. I feel like I've made so many good friends, which takes me a while some times, and now we're going to have to move away from it all. On a positive note, I know plenty of people in my parents' ward, so now I have the opportunity to get to know some of them better. And my brothers will be there. Seeing as how I had the least amount of growing up time with them, this will be fun time with them, too. I do feel bad for Ellerie, though...she's just now learning all of her friends' names and she has become so social. Now she'll have to make new friends...only for us to (hopefully!) move again within the next few months. Oh well, I guess this is all part of life.

Bennett is doing so well. He is really such a good baby, hardly ever crying unless he's hungry. His gasiness has seemed to go away to the degree that it existed before, although he still does put out some interesting He's a pretty strong guy and does really well at "standing" up and holding up his head. He is such a smiley baby, too, which just makes me so happy. He's a doll! Ellerie loves to help out with "baby Bennett" and give him hugs and kisses. A lot of her recently acquired vocabulary is Bennett-centric. Her vocabulary is pretty much repeating anything that Matt or I say...she's like a little parrot! It's so cute...well, most of the time. I do have to watch what I say. We had fun with her little birthday party and I am pretty sure she loved it, too.

Right now I am in the throes of packing up boxes, since Matt isn't allowed to pack. Yes, that's right, he knows I do a better job, so therefore it's delegated entirely to me. I am in the process of rounding up more boxes. I also decided to use the detailed inventory method to keep track of what's in each box to help eliminate unnecessary unpacking once we unload in Tennessee. Then, if I want a certain something, I can go to, say box 15, and know that I'll definitely find what I'm looking for.

What else...our crazy weekend of family visitors is almost upon us. 18 people are coming, including us, so it should be interesting. I'm excited to have my sister and her husband stay with us, though. They haven't met Bennett before and have actually never been able to visit Athens since we've been here. By Friday/Saturday, though, I think it will look a little less decorated than it does now, but oh well. We got the biggest size moving truck from Budget, so this time we don't have to worry about really packing a wall of boxes. We'll have plenty of room (we think) to lay it all out. The Upack move from Utah really was harrowing, not to mention dangerous for our Our poor kitchen table, to name one, will never look as nice as it did.

Anyways, I'm ready to sign off. My house is pretty immaculate right now...nothing like a party to get your house clean. I know what you're thinking...why deep clean for a toddler party? Well, I had to get everything out of the way of searching/grabbing/digging hands, and I always like a good excuse to really get my ducks in order. It's the delightful side of my OCD :) I claim it and fully embrace it ;)


Deidre said...

Is she TWO? Seems like just yesterday you were walking around Wymount overdue and we were all wondering when she'd decide to show up! Time...I assume this only gets worse as now both our little guys are two months!!

Andrea said...

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