Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just A Few...

Sorry for just two has been kind of "ANH" around here lately. You know, when you feel kind of blah about doing anything productive/mommyish, etc...I exhausted all options for fun toddler times yesterday in an effort to keep Beast #1 occupied and happy. ALL options include reading, playing in and splashing with rain, coloring, playdough and making muffins. She only had to go in time out once. Not bad, huh?

Matt started a PT job yesterday and is liking it okay for now. Thank goodness it isn't permanent or his brain might turn to mush. He's done as of right now for the day, but he has an interview with the Boy Scouts of America that started at 3 PM...hopefully he's doing great! I don't know lots of specifics on the job, but it's our first option in what has been a long wait. We'll see what comes of it.

Well, I probably should go soon as we have a severe thunderstorm warning on us right now. We have these breakout storms every'd think we were in Florida or something. It is pretty nasty stuff!

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AmBurg said...

Wow, Bennett has really filled out! So cute!