Thursday, June 25, 2009

One Fine Day...

To achieve aforementioned {fine day} you will need the following ingredients:

1} a fellow seamstresses' blog giveaway in which you actually enter with a comment (since you never do) and you actually win the green skirt pictured, along with a ruffly tank, for your daughter

2} an idea to make said daughters' ZeZe (purple animal of comfort) a bed set, in which the idea turns out delightfully cute (including matress, pillow, blanket and nightgown {in tube top fashion style})...ZeZe is currently sleeping soundly with her {mama}...

3} receiving inspiration from the green skirt you win to make your own version and having that skirt turn out just as cute, if not cuter....{sigh}

4} having moments like these, when both Beast #1 and Beast #2 in glowing harmony and happy peace remind you of why you wanted kids in the first place {and you just forget the other 80% of most}

5} making another sale on of a completely (well, to me at least) useless textbook, so that's another "well-earned" $47...

6} making another two sales on Etsy

7} listing three new items on Etsy and knowing that they are {completely} safe

8} going to the local library to get books and having a wonderful time out of the house with the kiddos....all 11 new books included

Add all of these items up and what do you get? One mighty fine day in which you are completely thankful for all that you have....ain't I a lucky gal?


Andrea said...

Aw! Yes you are! What a great post! Hope you have many more fine days to come!

AmBurg said...

I saw where you won that on MADE! I thought it was an adorable skirt. Yours turned out great too.

Does sound like a great day!

Deidre said...

Wow. Sounds like a great day. I often feel like pulling my hair out with my little guys so any reminder of how great the kids are and how much they love one another is appreciated. :)