Friday, July 17, 2009

As of Late...

Isn't he a cutie? We had Bennett try out rice cereal for the first time once he turned 4 months (last week sometime), not so much! Ellerie was 6 months when she started it and she took to it with no problems. He's still a little young I think...we tried simply because he's always hungry and we thought he'd appreciate the extra nourishment. Apparently, he didn't agree :) He still has the reflex that makes him push anything but milk out, so what little he even got after that, he just didn't seem to enjoy. Oh well, we're trying every week to see when he'll take it.

Ellerie was a hit at the Chick-fil-A Cow Appreciation Day. We entered her picture in the online contest, but she's only up to 70 votes so far. I'm her mom, so I feel kind of stupid "campaigning" for her, so to speak. If any of you readers want to further her cause, her picture is listed under the keyword "Curly Tail" at :) She did get lots of smiles and exclamations at the restaurant, though, so it was nice to know my work on the costume was enjoyed. Maybe we'll keep it around for Halloween, if she still fits into it.

Matt is still waiting for this job thing to work out to his advantage. He's had 4 interviews and a ride-along with the same company, but she still doesn't know for sure that the job is his. You'd think that that many interviews/opportunities for interaction would pretty much guarantee him a job, but we still won't know until the end of NEXT week. They are going really slowly about the entire process, but we understand that's just how some people work. Regardless, we're pretty sure he has the job and once we know we can really start to plan things out. The job would be only about 45 minutes away from our current location in northeast TN, so that would make our second move in so many months a lot easier.

My Etsy stuff seems to be hitting another spurt of activity the past few days. I have had several orders, as well as some custom stuff. My local clients' order is almost complete and I hope she'll be pleased with how everything turned out. I'll be sure to take pictures and show a new pattern I have "mastered"'ll just get easier with each time, right? :)

It sure will be nice to have our own space once we figure out this job thing...we do enjoy getting to spend time with my family, though. It's nice to have extra hands around when needed. I think Ellerie will go through {another} shock once we leave. She's already gotten accustomed to this house being "home" and we're just going to drag her away. Luckily, this hopeful job promises to allow one or so "Mimi" days a week so we can visit :)

Pray that Matt gets this's his only nibble, so to speak, out of over 200+ applications. This job market is INSANE!
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Tiffany said...

Love all the pictures! Your kids are too cute, and Bennett is getting so big! Best of luck with your Etsy business, I'll have to check it out!!