Sunday, September 27, 2009

Some Words to Go with Pictures...

Thought I should add a few words to go with all the pictures/videos I've put up in the last few days. Things are going well. Today was my first day playing the piano during sacrament meeting (for any readers who aren't Mormon, I'm the congregation pianist for our first hour of meetings) and it went fairly well. I'm still waiting on my piano from the parents, but we have to work out some logistical issues first. I have a key to the church, so that will work in the meantime. Thank goodness I can still sightread like a pro ;) Matt was gone camping for work (much to his chagrin since it never stopped raining ALL day Saturday) so Mom graciously offered to come be the second set of helping hands. We changed seats at church, too, so I can give Ellerie the "eye", you know, just in case. Lol, come on people, don't tell me you've never given your kids the eye before. Don't deny it!

Of course it was gorgeous today. I finally got my mail, since I could never get out of the house to get it yesterday (our mail box area is quite a ways from our unit). I got two fabric shipments I had been waiting for, my Entertainment Weekly, and the Ensign, which finally came to us again after we renewed it about 2 months ago. So I seriously wished I could have had my mail yesterday, it would have made my day better! Maybe only part of the only took me a few hours total to read both magazines from cover to cover :)

I'm listening to a totally quiet house right now. I am thinking Matt has probably fallen asleep, poor guy. He had a good time overall at the campout, but he's a tired boy. I'll need to wake him up so he can sleep in a comfortable bed instead of on the couch or something. I'm going walking again the morning. I am in a routine now of walking 3 times a week, 4 miles each time, with 4 other ladies from church. We take the Virginia Creeper Trail 2 miles in and then come back. It's a really nice, scenic-type walk and Ellerie even gets to see the cows ("MOOOO!!") as we walk by. Although it did drench us one time last week, I am determined to get back in shape. Matt swears I already look different after a week and a half....haha, silly boy, you're lucky that little white lies like that do get you extra brownie points :) If only it worked that fast! Maybe it would if I would promise to eat a little less of all the food I love. At least I'm maintaining...nothing wrong with that. I also need to get some new's been awhile since I actually allowed myself the luxury of some new stuff. It's usually stuff for the kids or stuff for Matt, since he started a new job. My things, however, are starting to really show some wear and I have had a bit of a change of style and what I like to wear, so some things need replacing. Time for a trip to TJMaxx/Ross....nothing like a good deal.

Anyways, time to go find the sleeping boy. Hopefully I will have more cute pictures/videos to post in the upcoming week :) Ciao.

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Bethany said...

Good for you for getting back into shape. It's a hard thing to do, but it's great that you have a support group (that actually joins you rather than cheers from the sidelines). Do you not have an organ in your chapel?