Monday, November 9, 2009

Another Lunchtime

These aren't quite as recent as this week, but they'll do :) Matt is gone for two weeks for job training, so we're holding out on our own. It's all good so far, no thoughts of deep depression or despair....:) Two weeks does seem a little daunting at times, but I've got plenty of projects to try and keep myself busy. Now to see if that plan actually works...ha! The mornings are fine, but there's nothing like a somber night watching TV alone while the kids are both asleep. LOL...anyone want to come for a visit?

I have all of the supplies now to make an advent calendar like the one I grew up with, but with a few new embellishments here and there. Hopefully Ellerie will enjoy pulling a new nativity scene figure out each day during December and finding herself a little treat in the pockets. I also need to make her two fall dresses like I have been telling her I would...for like three weeks now. Good thing she doesn't really get it. Too bad that I do....:) I have a few plans for Christmas decorations that I need to work on, too....ahh, the beauty of having things pile up in the back of mind. Perhaps this two week span will take care of everything!

Anyways, Bennett is crying in the background now for attention. He really should be napping, like his big sister. He's fighting it...apparently he thinks he needs to sleep on me and my person only...unfortunately for him, he might just have to cry this one out. I can only take so much trauma to my facial orifices..silly boy. Mommy's coming....
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Andrea said...

2 weeks! TWO weeks!!
I'd totally come over and play!
Are you sleeping ok? I always have a hard time getting to bed when Ryan is gone.
Projects do help. Have fun and watch a bunch of chick flicks that Matt won't watch with you! :)