Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What The Devil??

So I had forgotten to post this juicy little bit of "say-what??" that happened last week. We had a wind storm (on a perfectly clear day) that knocked out our power for 16 hours. That being said, we had to eat out for dinner. After choosing two places that were without power (much to Ellerie's was McDonald's) we finally drove down to Bristol to hit up O'Charleys. Thankfully, they were in business and we made sure we ordered something McDonaldsesque for Ellerie to consume.

While in the first half hour of being there, I noticed another table get up to go (I people watch..a's one of my things). There were two younger girls, probably high school age, and they were dressed very, how shall I put it, what they thought was fashionable, but really looked kind of trashy, like they were trying too hard. I watched them go all the way to the front, say something to the guys they were with and come traipsing back towards our area of the restaurant. I didn't turn around, but listened as I heard them say this to a girl (probably around my age) at the table right behind us:

"Hi, we're the official fashion police at _____ High School and we just wanted to tell you that plaid and those stripes are a big no-no. Thanks!" (like real chipper-like and matter-of-fact, as if anyone would have agreed with them...)

I am staring at Matt with an O on my mouth, my eyes shooting daggers at them as they prance towards the exit for good now...."Are they serious? Did they really just say that out loud, in public?" I ask Matt

So after periodically remarking how I wanted to kill them several times throughout dinner, I got up the courage to do what I'd been itching to do all evening. Just as we were turning to go, I tapped the girl on her shoulder (after glancing to make sure she really wasn't wearing something hideous) and said, "By the way, I think you look just fine." We exchanged a few words about the matter, agreed that we kind of wanted to slap the offending naysayers and called it that.

How can some people so publically humiliate someone and think that they are doing them a favor? UGH...seriously, just thinking about it makes me want to claw out some eyes....

And their


"L" said...

yeah, what they did was unacceptable....I would have poked their eyes out with my legitimate Christian Dior S=sunglasses and choked them with my Vera Wang dress; what now you phonies!?!?!

Jessi said...

Holy cow!! That's crazy... I unfortunately probably would have done the "stooping" thing and told the girls what I thought about the way THEY were dressed before they left! Wow!!

T. L. C. said...

Oh. My. Heck.

Good thing I didnt see that or my PMS temper would have gone off! LOL

Coordination Queen said...

They've watched one too many high school movies and are trying way too hard... that being said, I wonder what their parents would say if they heard them.

hxr said...
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