Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Bit of This and That {Musings from another long day...}

I don't have any new pictures to post.  Let's just get out of that way :)  It has started snowing again.  We all got spoiled by a few days of glorious sunshine and then a few days of overcast and drizzly skies, but who is going to complain about that when compared with the horrid alternative?  This "mild winter" has turned into something from my worst nightmares.  It is starting to affect my little side job with Etsy.  I need to purchase something to finish up a project, but can't go yet because it probably isn't safe to drive yet.  Hopefully there will be some kind of reprieve in the morning.  I really need those snaps!

We had fun going to a church play group this morning.  I don't think Bennett has ever witnessed so many kids (and rambunctious, playful kids) at one time, so he just kind of stared in awe for about ten minutes before actually engaging in meaningful play.  It was pretty funny to observe.  Ellerie enjoyed playing with a different play kitchen and food and also trying out some neat rocking horses (well, the new kind with springs and all that).  She didn't really interact much with the other kids, but there were only two other little girls around her age there and I don't know if they play together much at church...I've never heard her mention the names before.  But later during snacks, she did know one of the names, so we'll see.  It was nice to socialize with the other moms :)

I have been sewing pretty frequently as of late and like I said, just need a few things to complete my last "must-do" project.  It's a custom order for Etsy and the deadline is next week, hence my impatience.  This week has been crazy all around.  We have a fun weekend planned, though.  Well, for the parents.  The kids get to be babysat twice, on Friday and Saturday.  I don't know what they are going to think about this in retrospect.  Oh well.  Both nights are work functions, although one is in Knoxville and the other just here in Abingdon.  Four hours of travel - the event better be good :)

I don't know how we're going to celebrate Bennett's upcoming birthday on March 9.  The weekends during March are already kind of booked/bad timing, but I kind of wanted to have friends and family over, so just finding a good time to schedule it for everyone is proving to be difficult.  Do I give up and just have a small thing with us and maybe my parents or try to do it to a larger degree?  The smaller event is probably what's going to happen, although I might have a lunch with some church friends and just have a little birthday song/cake on the side while they are there.  We'll see.  I'm sure Bennett really cares about all this....yeah right!

The kids continue to grow and are getting pretty crazy.  Bennett is into EVERYTHING.  He has no concept of the word no and doesn't listen to either of us.  Ellerie proves a trial during a lot of dinner hours, but other than that, is fairly good for a two year old :)  Together they prove that children really can know what they are doing is devious and  And still do those things when they think you aren't watching.  Bennett is starting to look back at me when he starts to do something from the forbidden list.  It's too bad he's so darn cute.  It makes it really hard to discipline him sometimes!

I'm getting excited for at least one upcoming consignment sale in March.  I'm hoping to walk away with complete summer wardrobes for both kids, just like I did for this past winter (current winter for all it's worth!).  The way these kids grow (or don't) they might possibly fit into some of their winter clothes next season, especially Bennett.  I still need to take them to the doctor for LONG overdue checkups and probably some dreaded shots.  Why is it these important things usually fall by the wayside when weighed against sewing and other outings?  Priorities Nivette...get them straight!

Anyways, enough of my late night ramblings.  Sometimes it's just nice to type, you know?  It makes me think back to my administrative assistant days and all the typing I did there...and it makes me thankful (most days) that I don't have to work anymore.  Not at a regular job that is.  Don't get me started on the requirements for my current job {AKA Connors Taskmaster}

Here's to hoping the snow is gone, or at least in the process of leaving, upon waking.

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Kelsey said...

It would be interesting to watch E.B. interact with other children . . .