Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Lack of Pictures (and intelligent thoughts)

Well I do have pictures that I need to post. That would mean, however, having to get up off my tired butt and pull them off the camera, edit, etc. And we all know that just isn't going to happen today :) I have almost finished purchasing all of the supplies for a custom Etsy order that I won (by way of huge surprise to myself). I really didn't think they would choose my bid since they never do. But alas, here we are and I get to work with a fabric line I have done stuff with before (see Monaluna's Metro Market/Mingle lines). It's a blanket, 4 bibs and 3 burpies. I'm excited.

Things have been extremely busy this February. I like being busy, though, so I guess I shouldn't really grumble. When you can't go to the park almost every day {because of ceaseless snow and allover horrid weather} it helps to have things to fill up your time with. I have Enrichment tonight, but the spouses are invited, too, so I guess it's a family affair :) It's basically about planning out stuff in case we die...luckily they'll have a dessert bar afterwards to chase away the depressing thoughts that will probably come with this kind of subject matter. I have Book Club next Thursday, but luckily the book is very short. Just give me a few undivided hours.

We get to go out, alone, without kids, twice next weekend. Once to Knoxville and once here in town. We also got out for Valentine's Day (the Friday before) and saw Valentine's Day. We thought it was pretty cute. It still hurt to pay $7.95 a ticket when you're used to the Redbox fee! Oh well, sometimes it pays to just pay more (in this case, the marriage is helped by leaving Beast #1 and Beast #2 at home to regain some of our lost sanity ;)).

I don't really have the mental capacities to write much else at this point...but with all these orders and other things in life, mail time will really become fun again. 5 packages coming in the next week or so. NICE :)

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L said...

getting packages is the best!