Saturday, March 6, 2010

Creativity = Fun = Time Consuming :)

This was a cloth activity book I made for a friends' daughter's 1st birthday. Apparently it has been a smashing success :)

This purse/bag I made for our babysitter's 14th birthday, just a few days before Bennett's (whose is coming up, crazy!).

This was the custom Etsy order I spoke/ranted about so much. I think everything turned out wonderfully {thankful sigh}. She loved it and although it was for her sister's baby shower, she threatened to keep it :)
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Southern Belle said...

Those are so cute! I just made a purse of the same pattern. That is funny. Love the colors.

Erika said...

Love it all! You are so talented!

Jeni said...

The activity book is such a treasure and I am sure it will be a keepsake that will be handed down to her own children. Thanks so much Nivette.