Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hi, It's Us Again...

Back from the land of the blogging dead...:)  It's just been a few crazy weeks, that's all.  Here are a few picture collages to catch you up on our life:

Some typical images from lunch time and Ellerie's St. Patrick's Day creation

Pictures from the Backbone Rock area just outside of Damascus, VA.

It was the perfect day for a family picnic.  We really enjoyed our day.

Matt and Ellerie had fun throwing rocks into the river...can you see them in mid-flight?

I ambitiously (and in part to scare my heights-fearing dad) climbed up Backbone Rock to take some pictures from the lookout deck.  It's approximately 75 feet high.

A typical bedtime scene...tears/screaming/prostration/emotive behavior included!  We still love Ellerie, even for all of the insane traits she has.

It's shaping up (and already has been) to be another busy week.  The weeks/months to follow will be no exception.  I do like it, though, having all this stuff to do.  It keeps me from twiddling my thumbs at home wondering what to do.  And the kids love to get out of the same, boring house, I'm sure.  I have a Book Club, baby shower, Recipe Exchange and more to look forward to.  That doesn't include weekly Story Time outings, play groups, etc.  We are constantly going, going, going.  At least tonight I can sit down, relax and immerse myself in the insanity of LOST.  I know, not exactly relaxing entertainment, right?  Oh well.  Only 8 more episodes and it's done.

My Great-Grandpa John died today, but not unexpectedly.  He was 96 and really quite the go-getter up until about two or three years ago.  He didn't really go majorly downhill until the past six months.  I feel relief for him now that he's gone.  He doesn't have to worry about all the ailments that were really starting to pile up on him and he gets to see his wife again (she's been gone since 1991).  So it's sad, but he's in a better place.  He did get to meet his great-great-granddaughter and we have the picture proof of it.  Not many families can boast of a FIVE generation picture.  I'll make sure to keep it always.

Well, I need to get going...to do nothing of much importance :)  But the kiddos are asleep and a nice big glass of water and the couch are calling my name.  Vegetation, though art a worthy cause tonight!

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