Sunday, April 11, 2010

Creations and Activities {Most of an Easterish Kind}

We had the opportunity to travel to Columbia, SC for the Easter/Conference weekend.  Everyone had a great time playing with cousins, coloring eggs, listening to Conference (not that I got to listen to, etc.  The first collage is another addition to Ellerie's library Story Time creations.

The first Easter Egg hunt where Ellerie actually "got it."  Bennett even found a few without any prodding from Matt.  Way to go, big boy!

These are the outtakes from Easter pictures that I liked but didn't love.  My favorites will follow this collage, all individually.  I might be biased, but the cutest pictures deserve their own space :)

I have to explain the crying...we live right beside train tracks.  There was a train stopped on the tracks when we got home from church.  You know that sound the axles/brakes/something make when a long train just barely starts to get going again?  Well, even I jumped.  And poor Tut started crying.  But I'm one of those horrible moms who can't pass up the adorable crying baby shot....{bad mommy}

My, what a handsome boy I've got!

We're definitely biased, but these are some cute kiddos.  Ellerie has been working on the potty training some more and is actually having moderate success.  It's tiring when she asks to go to the bathroom several times in one hour (to no avail) but I suppose she has to start at some point, right?  Ellerie also continues to incessantly pick her nose, a behavior that's been going on for some time.  Apparently Bennett pays attention because he has started to walk around with his finger contentedly resting in his nose as well.  Thank goodness he hasn't caught on and actually started digging around for something up there...

I've been managing to do some much-needed organization/cleaning around this place.  That includes tackling some piles of sewing that really needed to be dealt with.  I also found out my spot for the Plumb Alley Day on May 29th (a craft fair of sorts I'm doing).  It's on one of the "edges" so to speak, and around some of the big activity areas/bathrooms, so hopefully a lot of traffic will come my way.  Here's to hoping, at least!  I was able to read three books of moderate lengths from the library this week.  I always love a good read, especially when I can sit and finish it in almost one sitting.

Poor Bennett hasn't been doing too hot in church the last couple of weeks.  He's forcing me into inactivity!  I heard none of Sunday School today and maybe 10 minutes of Relief Society.  Way to go, little man.  Only.....four months until nursery!  I'm not excited at all {ha!}.  Ellerie and Bennett will be in nursery together, which I always thought would never happen with my kids.  Well, I was wrong.  They'll have 4.5 glorious months together.  Hopefully that will take care of any issues he has with me leaving him there.  Big sisters are good for things like this :)

Well, that's all I have for now.  I think I've been doing a pretty good job at updating this bloggio....I tell myself I shouldn't get annoyed with sparse blog updating when I am guilty of the same thing sometimes.  Hopefully I can keep it together on my end and then have a little leeway to grumble about  This is one of the times when being a voracious reader has its negatives...there's never enough to read!


Sara Suman said...

You do have quite the cuties on your hands! And Ellerie's dress is adorable!!

Jennifer Sharpe said...

Don't worry about the potty training she'll get the hang of it soon. We can never stay in sacrament meeting b/c of Gabriella. But unfortunately there is no break. I'm Keira's nursery teacher and I just keep G in there as long as I can b/c Lee can't stay in class with her either. Good luck on the craft fair, I hope you make a lot of mula! Oh, and the kids pics are adorable!

Jeni said...

The easter photos are just adorable Nivette :)