Tuesday, April 27, 2010

oh what a day {or two, or three...}

So I really have needed to get in gear and start sewing for my Plumb Alley Day...but in the mean time {hehe....} here's what we've been up to.

Like I said, I need to get my butt in gear....seriously!  I have dozens of bibs to sew, probably 40 more key fobs to sew (thank goodness something in the pile is rather quick to do!) and plenty more things headed to the craft fair that I haven't even started.  T-minus one month....go.  Our satellite has been out for almost three days now.  Totally not a fan of that.  We had some raining, some fierce wind...not sure who the culprit is.

Bennett is continually teething, although the fact that he's actually producing the fourth tooth as we speak is exciting.  At least the poor thing will be able to have more than two teeth by the time he's in nursery!  I have been really involved in spring cleaning lately, and by so doing, came across www.paperbackswap.com.  It's been a great help in getting space-taking books out of my house (I pay shipping) and getting books back from others (they pay shipping) that we actually want (aka...Franklin the Turtle books for Ellerie....geez).  It's like, give one, get one type thing.  I've sent out 11 books so far.  I've redone my large and small pantries as of late, too, and they look spectacular.  I even solved the workspace issue for Matt....aren't I a good wife for sacrificing my two Target gift cards {that I was saving for a summer dress} and buying another desk instead? Granted, I used the gift cards, the cash on hand, and the desk was pretty much 50% off on clearance, but still.  I think I got lucky...it was the only one like it in the store.  Score.

At least half of the seeds that Ellerie and I planted for our garden (aka fun experiment for Ellerie that will never amount to sustainable food for the family) didn't come up.  We only have Zinnias (which the packet said were guaranteed to grow), all of the peas {insert terrible gnashing of teeth from Matt here}, two carrots and one lettuce.  None of the tomatoes or cucumbers came up.  I guess we can try again, right?  I thought tomatoes were pretty easy to grow.  I probably should have gotten the live starter plants instead.  Oh well, live and learn.  I think Ellerie will like it better this way, basically seeing something grow from "nothing."

On the subject of Ellerie, she officially has an extra tooth.  It's between her front tooth and the next side tooth (as seen in several of the pictures I posted).  They can't tell yet if there is a permanent tooth waiting in the wings or not, so we're waiting it out for now.  I told her she's very special and she seems to get a kick out of saying she has an extra tooth.  Too bad she wasn't this excited about the actual dentist visit....!  She has the Finding Nemo experience to base all dentists off of, so it wasn't a walk in the park.  Besides inserting her entire hand into her mouth to protect her teeth from the dentist/hygeneists, she actually hit the dentist on the leg and told her to go away.  Oh Ellerie...what do we have in store in the coming years?  Hopefully I can take the next six months to calm her down a bit for the next cleaning.

I was going to add a video, but 40 minutes later....lol I think not.

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Modestfy said...

I had an extra tooth! I had it removed in first grade - it wasn't that bad. It did, however, cause the severe need for braces on my upper teeth.

Good luck with all of the sewing. You are a braver woman than I. :-)