Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What Could Be Better?

Picture this scenario - I am sitting in my bedroom, typing away to all of you.  My windows are open, the wind rippling through my sheer curtains, making that nearly perfect sound that makes you think of Spring.  I can hear the bamboo wind chimes rolling happily away; they have probably forgotten that January-March even happened.  What a scary time that must have been for them....lol.  I think I even hear a plane off in the distance.  To me, a smallish-sized planes' noise, weaving in and out of the gently rolling hills around us is the perfect thing.  It just makes me smile and wish I was in a field full of daisies, lying flat on my back, imagining shapes in the clouds.  Except there aren't any clouds today.  Just glorious blue sky.  No, it's all real, none of it made up.  Why couldn't perfect points in time like this occur more frequently?  Did I mention that the kids are peacefully sleeping, with only an errant yawn or cough to suggest that I even still have children?  No worries, I'm not wishing them gone.  We're all going on the promised walk after they wake up.

Before I sat down to contemplate the beauty of today's existence, I even managed to get a moderate amount of work done of my pile of sewing projects.  Yesterday I failed to go walking (but did anyone notice, not sure) but did get lots of stuff done.  I have a pile of old t-shirts that I am re-purposing into I-don't-care-if-it-gets-ruined childwear.  I have dozens of bibs to cut out, sew, close up...literally.  Good thing this craft fair is at the END of May.  I'll need all the time I can get.  I have a gathering at my place next Thursday, so that will be a wonderful reason to get some of the "sitting out in plain view" projects done that need to be taken care of.  Like that cute Christmas Advent Calendar...that's still hanging on my kitchen wall....yeah.  It lacks days 22, 23, and 24.  And at least half the felt figures.  Matt teases me about it.  I say it won't get done until this December if I pack it up now.  I think we're both right....if I add it to a physical checklist that I plan on making, the optimistic hope is that it will be completed around September :)

I finally made the kids' first dentist appointment for the 27th.  I think that should be fun/go well.  At least that's what I want to happen....I'm trying to psych Ellerie up about it, hopefully that will work.  I have to make a couple dozen cupcakes for a baby shower I'm helping with on Thursday.  Thankfully, I already have the cupcake toppers done.  I get to take the kids to said baby shower....oh joy of all joys.  At least it's just around the corner should some unexpected {read expected} meltdown occur.  Oh, and I actually scheduled a lunch out with friends (well, it's already a monthly thing) when I get to leave the kids at home.  Also, right around the corner.  I could (and probably will now that I'm going alone) walk there and back.

I forgot to bring to your attention that I can actually hear the random "moo" from cows here and there....quasi-rural living at its best.

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T said...

great description of a gorgeous day only we lost our power for a couple of hours in the afternoon which forced me to stop sewing. Probably a good thing.