Thursday, May 6, 2010

singing babies

That's what I'm listening to.  Ellerie is singing something...probably the theme song to Little Einsteins, as she waits to be retrieved from nap time.  Which is, by the way, delightful (or even more so than it was) since we acquired a blackout curtain.  Said curtain makes the kids' eastward-facing room much darker, thus allowing for slightly longer sleeping stretches :)  No, I'm not happy about it at all....hehe.

I have been making loads of progress on my sewing to-do list for the Plumb Alley Day (in just 23 days!).  I just finished sewing ALL of the bibs today, although I still have to do lots of top-stitching, ironing and snap-installing. But the sewing really is the "worst" part.  These bibs are so adorable.  I plan on putting everything that doesn't sell at the craft fair onto Etsy (let's hope this non-selling pile is small!) so you readers should see everything eventually.  I will try to get a picture of all my product pre-fair day, but who knows if that will actually happen with all I have to do.  All of the cuddle cubes are sewn and stuffed, I just have to close them up.  I still need to sew about 40 key fobs and I need to do two last-minute quilt ideas, although the quilts are kind of optional to me.  I was just trying to use some of my vast scrap stash.

I am going to get a outdoor climbing apparatus tonight before I head over to my Relief Society meeting at church (which will include manis and pedis, oh my :) ).  I have a lovely Walmart gift card thanks to some credit card points, so it really won't cost much at all.  I am sure that the kids will just love it.  I think I will relish not feeling guilty for failing to take them to the park multiple times a week.  "Hey, you want to go down the slide?  Okay, let's hop out onto the back porch." should be divine.

The kids continue to grow and get smarter.  Bennett is working on pushing the fourth tooth out and I'm trying to be more lenient as to what real food he gets.  He's a great little food masher :)  Ellerie is so smart it's terrible sometimes.  She actually means most of the sassy things she says and she is teaching us patience every day.  I'm trying to give her enough attention since Bennett seems to get more positive feedback's hard, though, right?  He doesn't talk back yet!  Potty training is still a quasi-type thing right now.  She'll go on the potty maybe 1-3 times a day.  Maybe it'll happen while we're on vacation??

Ahh vacation.  The mere word brings a smile to my face.  We're planning on finally making it down to Florida to see my Dad's side of the family again.  We haven't been down there in a while.  Ellerie and I traveled there when she was 9 months old, so it's been a couple years for me.  Matt hasn't been down there since....well, since before we had kids.  So probably somewhere...geez, maybe not since our honeymoon??  Maybe it really has been that long.  We stopped off to see my aunt and uncle on the way back home from our honeymoon.  I love visiting my Harmon side.  The Florida weather will be perfect for swimming (probably too hot for much and the list of things to do down there is endless.  I'll get to celebrate the big 2-7 while down there, as well, so who can complain about that?

The noise has ceased from the kids room.  I'm not stupid enough to think that they've actually fallen back asleep, but I am smart enough to take advantage of the few minutes I have to straighten my hair for tonight.  I'll be talking to y'all later.

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